Rock, Sand and Gravel

Reputable Driveway Gravel Services in Lincoln

Whether you need simple fill sand or washed stone, L P Stewart & Sons Inc can provide you with all of your rock, sand and gravel needs. We provide an extensive variety of rock, sand and gravel aggregates and can easily supply as much as your project requires.

Rock, Sand and Gravel

We are ready to deliver your rock, sand or gravel aggregates anywhere they need to go. Need a larger quantity of rock, sand or gravel? No problem, we have the trucks to deliver enough product for even the most large scale projects.
We offer road gravel which can be used for kids play areas, landscaping, etc.


We have all sizes for driveway materials, including 1/4" to 6". Our materials include sand and all rock types including grizzlies, pea gravel, rip rap, road gravel and screenings. Our landscaping materials include river rock, potato rock, black dirt and clay, and boulders

Pea Gravel and River Rock

We sell our rock by the ton. We offer delivery and pick-up options. Each bid is worked by the individual needs of each client.


  • Fill sand- This type of sand is used for volleyball courts, private/personal beaches, behind retaining walls, and kids play area.
  • 47b sand- A course type of sand.
  • #10 Sand- This type of sand is very fine and is used most often by golf courses for bunkers. 
  • G Sand- Another very fine type of sand and is also used mostly by golf courses.

Landscaping Materials

Soil and dirt
Pond supplies (rip rap)

Variety of rocks available in Lincoln, NE

Customer Satisfaction

Our trusty and experienced staff are eager to help you choose the gravel and stone that properly suits your needs. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and we get it right the first time.  If you should have any questions about our products or need recommendations on the best materials to use for your project, give us a call and we can help!  

Call the Stew boys!

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